Welcome to Texas Lung Associates Allergy Clinic

We offer the following allergy testing options:

Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT) which is a two-part test performed on the upper back and upper arm and takes approximately two and a half to three hours to complete. The first part of the test consist of using a device called Multi-Test II which is a multi-test applicator used to apply the antigen to the upper part of the patient’s back. The second part of the test consist of an intradermal test which is performed on the upper arm by injecting a small amount of allergen under the skin, resulting in a raised bump (wheal).

After testing is complete, the results will be reviewed and treatment options, if applicable, will be discussed. The patient will also be given a copy of their test.

ImmunoCap (allergy testing via blood draw) this test consist of drawing one tube of blood for testing. This blood test measures the concentration of immunoglobulin E (IgE), which is an indicator of allergic sensitization.

Antigens included in both methods of testing are pollens, molds, dust mites, cat and dog dander, cockroach and feather mix (chicken, duck and goose).

We also offer the following allergy treatment options: immunotherapy (allergy injections) or sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops).


To learn more about allergy testing and treatment options, feel free to drop by our office to pick up allergy patient education materials or you may download some of those materials from this website.